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200k Makes 50 Cent Have Things Fall Apart

Posted By on September 22, 2010

     50 Cent has been sued, once again. This time the G-Unit leader is being hit up for $200,000 by a production company who says it hasn't been paid for work it did on 50's upcoming new "Things Fall Apart" film.

Crispy Twig Productions and Nancy Nayor Battino filed a lawsuit against 50 Cent on September 17th in Santa Monica District Court, claiming they had an oral agreement to provide casting services for the rapper's self-financed film. According to the lawsuit, Crispy Twig was supposed to be paid $5,000 per-week for 19 weeks. The lawsuit claims that 50 Cent breached the contract by falling over $90,000 behind in payments to the production company. (All Hip Hop)


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