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50 Cent Wont Cut His Hair Until Album Is Done

Posted By on September 22, 2010

     50 Cent recently vowed to not cut his hair again until his upcoming  (as of not untitled) album is finished. Taking to his twitter account, the G-Unit leader wrote…

"My first album get rich or die trying was the greatest show on earth because people new I could die right in front of them. Its funny to me," 50 tweeted Tuesday (September 21).
"Because they were acting like they couldn't die. The biggest difference I can think of since that record is successes. To hate me is to hate"
"success. Good luck when or if you make it just know people are gonna hate you for it. This is true I try to understand what it does for them"
"Curtis not cutting hair until my album is done I'm going hard this time f*ck it. My music is crazy right now [picture below]"

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    Is there anywhere to still hear this audio?