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50 Cent Plans New Movie, Cuts Out Interscope

Posted By on September 23, 2008

    As we previously reported, rumors have circled that 50 Cent is working on a new movie with the same title as his upcoming album, "Before I Self Destruct." Now 50 Cent tells Rolling Stone that the movie will be based on the album but “It’s not Purple Rain.” 50 will direct and produce the film that he says is “…inspired by the actual music.” 50 will try to show the complexities of "urban life" in a new way "I showed characters under pressure in scenarios where they felt like there were no other options, even though there were.” He adds, “There are always options. People just usually start to see them while being incarcerated — for not seeing them in the first place.”

    The new movie will hit theatres around the time of 50 Cent's last album under his contract on Interscope, "Before I Self Destruct," on December 9th. 50 plans to use tracks not on his album because “Then Interscope would automatically have the rights to it, when they had absolutely no ownership of the actual material.” 50 instead wrote a separate score and got unsigned artists to record vocals.

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