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50 Cent Wins Multiple Casses

Posted By on September 27, 2011

     It looks like Qeens brad 50 Cent will win the majorty of hs copyright infirngekent case against him and the film "Before I Self Destrut. 50 was hit with a lawsuit filed by author Shadrach Winstead in November of 2009,
who claimed that the rapper stole the concept for his album and movie from his
2008 book, "The Preacher Son – But The Streets Turned Me Into a Gangster."

50 hired entertainment firm Reed Smith to
defend himself against the lawsuit, which was filed in United States District
Court of Yesterday, a federal court in Newark, New
Jersey dismissed the copyright infringement case against 50 Cent and his
G-Unit record label.

Reps for Reed Smith
told AllHipHop.com that they won the case for 50, based on the absence of
substantial similarity between the themes and plot of the book and movie.

The judge ruled that aside from the fact
that the main character grew up on the streets of Newark and led a life of
crime, there was little else in common between 50 Cent's movie and Shadrach
Winstead's book.

"With respect to the
various specific phrases and lines which Winstead alleged that our client took
from the book, we demonstrated that many were misquoted, manipulated or not in
the movie at all and that, in any event, they were non-copyrightable short
phrases or unpredictable expressions used in the 'street' such as 'get the dope,
cut the dope,' a rep for Reed Smith and 50 Cent told AllHipHop.com.

"Lastly, we argued that the pendent State
law claims Winstead asserted were preempted by the Copyright Act," the rep
explained. "Judge Chesler agreed on all points and dismissed the complaint in
its entirety."

The case was handled by
Reed Smith attorneys Peter Raymond, Kerren Zinner and Aditya Nagarajan in New
York, with able assistance from Dan Mateo and Amy McVeigh in New Jersey.

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