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50 Cent Taunts Fat Joe Over Low Sales

Posted By on October 15, 2009

    50 Cent has reacted to Fat Joe's "J.O.S.E. Part 2" low first week sales by putting a banner advertisement that mocks Joey on his ThisIs50 website. "THE MOST ANTICIPATED ALBUM OF THE CENTURY" it reads. "WITH 8,800 COPIES SOLD JOE SHOWS NO SIGNS OF STOPPING." -Rolling Stone "INCLUDING SMASH HIT SINGLES LIKE "JOEY DON'T DO IT, AND CUPCAKE," the ad reads showing a picture of Fat Joe.

    In related news, Fat Joe recently talked about his label not promoting his album and even thanked 50 Cent for helping to promote his album more than they did. "I've realized something really, that, [50 Cent is] my number one fan and really loves Fat Joe," Joey told radio personality Angie Martinez. "I'm really tuned in to that, I really came to that realization that he's my number one fan because I'm a little upset at the label, I felt we could have did way more promotions, but if you didn't know Fat Joe's album was coming out today, I think he said, 'Yo, my man Joe needs this little bit of promotion man, like he's so much of a formidable opponent, that you know, I gotta keep this guy around, I gotta go promote his new album.' Absolutely. Promotions. Nah, thank-you 50, man, major promotions, you really bigged me up. Nobody was thinking about me before that, thank-you, I love you. J.O.S.E. II in stores right now." [Fat Joe Thanks 50 Cent For Promoting His Album – Watch Here]


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