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50 Discusses Everything About The Game

Posted By on October 20, 2009

    50 Cent recently stopped by Big Boy's Neighborhood where he talked to the famous DJ about not understanding The Game's "G-Unot" campaign, not working with The Game from now on and even speaking on if The Game has a closer relationship with Dr Dre than he does. "I doubt that strongly," 50 said about collaborating with Game in the future. "I never really understood, I didn't know what the motivation was for The Game issues. Initially it was a decision on his part, I went over it in my head like a million times." [50 Talks Not Understanding The Game; Not Working With Him In The Future – Watch Here]

    50 then went on to talk about who has a closer relationship with Dre. "I didn't have a long period of time with Game, we worked for five days. Dre spent a year in the studio with him, so he had a chance to be around him and gauge what kind of character he is. Right after [his debut] was out, it was like, 'I'm hot,' because of the actual number of records he sold at that point…You'll see Rick Ross out there as if he was a correctional officer when I went into his background. This guy is rapping like he's a drug dealer when he's a correction officer. Game background, when you went into that, he used to be a stripper. He used to work at his mom's strip joint. So it was interesting themes that I seen from both of them but it didn't match what the content was and then I seen the transformation myself." [50 Cent Talks Relationship With Dr Dre Compared To The Game – Watch Here]

50 Cent – Explains Why He Wont Work With The Game

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