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50 Calls Young Buck A Junkie & Game A Queer

Posted By on October 27, 2009

    A new snippet of a track called "Strong Enough" from 50 Cent's upcoming "Before I Self Destruct" album has landed online confirming rumors that the G-Unit general takes shots at former G-Unit members Young Buck and The Game. In the snippet, 50 explains why the five-member group was slimmed down to three. "That Big Poppa, I'lll send your monkey a** to see Allah," Fif raps. "These n*ggas ain't strong enough, they money ain't long enough, when they bump heads with me…When I say I'll kill ya, I'll kill ya/As a kid I wasn't fittin' in/Special Ed kid in the back on Riddelin' — Hooptie all f*cked up/Pockets all f*cked up/Now n*gga what's up?/I'm rich now, n*ggas know about my dividends — Crib the size of a New York City clock now/Okay, okay, try me and get shot down/I'm like a Zebra, I got so many stripes/I'm the f*cking general/I run my ciick right/There was five of us, all of us millionaires/Now one's a junkie and one's a f*cking queer/Now it's three of us/That's the way it started…" [50 Cent "Strong Enough" Listen Here – Click Now]

    In related news, the trailer for "Before I Self Destruct," the movie with the same name as 50's upcoming album, recently also hit the internet. The film is included with 50 Cent's new album in a dexlue edition. [50 Cent – Before I Self Destruct – Trailer – Watch Here]

50 Cent – Disses Young Buck & The Game On New Album Track


50 Cent – Before I Self Destruct (Move Trailer)

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