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50 Cent Says Kanye Rips Off Mase’s Style

Posted By on October 28, 2009

    50 Cent has always been one to speak his mind and in a recent interview he didn't bit his tongue, but then again who expects him to? The G-Unit general shared his thoughts on learning that Diddy recently released Mase from SOME contractual obligations (it was later reported Diddy gave Mase the ability to work with other artists) plus 50 even claimed that Kanye West copied the Bad Boy artist (Mase) rapping style. 50, who once tried to signed Mase to his G-Unit Records, says he no longer wants to do that. [50 Cent Says He No Longer Wants To Sign Mase To G-Unit – Watch Here]

    "I'm cool with Mase, but, right now is different," 50 explained. "That was a different time period and a different thing going on. I can always go and make the Kanye West album because Kanye is doing Mase. Not from a Harlem perspective, the rap style that he's using, I bet if you asked him he would tell you he's doing him, his way but it's that style. And Mase, he rap his a** off, it's a gift. I think anything that changes too fast may be no good and Mase's decision was so abrupt that he can't actually stay in one pocket, he kinda flip flopped. He confuses me, that's worse than [confusing] the audience. I'm pretty easy with understanding what the actual situation is." [50 Cent Says That Kanye West Steals Mase's Rapping Style – Watch Here]

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