50 On Gift/Curse Of Hit Single & Twitter (Video)

50 On Gift/Curse Of Hit Single & Twitter (Video)

    50 Cent was recently CNN to discuss despite his new achievments, he still gets compared to his debut material. 50 went on to talk about the gift and curse of "In Da Club" along with why he likes twitter.

"It's great. It's a gift and a curse," 50 said in an interview when informed CNN personality Piers Morgan works out to his 2002 "In Da Club" anthem. "When your first song is that good, that effective you are kind of up against that first body of work for the rest of your entire career. So until I make an album better than Get Rich or Die Tryin', I have people forget on me at different points. My second album, The Massacre, sold ten million copies and they'll go, 'His first album was great.' Like they didn't even hear the last three after. You know what I mean? I just have to make something that tops it." (CNN)

50 Cent – Talks Gift/Curse Of His Single, Twitter & More


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