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50 Cent Crys Over Rick Ross & Triple Cs Sales

Posted By on November 3, 2009

    50 Cent recently confirmed that in the past he was in talks with Beanie Sigel offering the rapper a spot on the G-Unit roster around 2005 but during the story 50 Cent accused Jay-Z of not wanting to lose his Roc-A-Fella artist. "[Beanie Sigel] would have got at least $800,000 at that point to come
over," 50 Cent told Miss Jones. "Jay was telling him that he didn't
want to lose him. I think Jay and [Diddy] had these feelings toward me
at one point I believe…Jay didn't want to do that…I've never seen a
bigger fraud in hip-hop [with Rick Ross]." [The Clipse ft Rick Ross – Im Good (remix) – Watch Here]

    50 Cent then went on to talk about Rick Ross and his new remix of 50's "Baby By Me" track. "He Just did a remix to 'Baby by Me.' It'll count as a spin for my record. He's an idiot. I'd be upset if my baby's momma was out there. He's broke. His last album sold 300,000 copies. [Triple C's Custom Cars & Cyles] just like sold 4,000 records." [Rick Ross – Baby By Me Remix Diss – Listen Here]

    In related news, during a recent interview 50 Cent started to cry (of course) when he found out the early numbers for the new Triple C's album. Finding out that Rick Ross and his new group Triple C's had their "Custom Cars & Cycles" album only sold around 4,000 copies the first week, the G-Unit leader faked crying. This beats the other 50 Cent beefer Fat Joe who only sold 8,000 coipes of his new album his first week. [50 Cent Crys When He Hears Triple Cs Sales – Watch Here]

50 Cent – Starts Crying When Hears Triple Cs First Week Sales


The Clipse ft Rick Ross – Im Good (Remix)

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