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50 Talks Punchin Rappers & Running Def Jam

Posted By on November 3, 2009

    50 Cent is currently on his promotional tour for his upcoming "Before I Self Destruct" album and the G-Unit general recently talked to the On Air Idiots about everything from what rappers he would want to punch in the face, how DJ Khalid is currently throwing up bricks and how exactly he would run Def Jam Records if he was given the chance. [50 Talks Punching Rappers, DJ Khalid & Running Def Jam – Watch Here]

    When asked if he could punch one rapper in the face who would it be, 50 replied "I don't know if it would be just one." 50 explains "Thats a tough one. The reason I say that is because I could really punch them in the face." When asked about the leak, 50 confirms "Thats the album" but he isn't upset because "as long as everyone understands my vision, its dead right."  [50 Talks About How He Would Run Def Jam Records – Watch Here]

50 Cent – Talks Punching Rappers, DJ Khalid, How To Run Def Jam

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