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50 Cent Teams With Bette Midler To Give Back

Posted By on November 3, 2008

    50 Cent gave back to his home of Queens, New York on Monday (10/3). 50 teamed up with Bette Midler were in Queens for the opening of the "Curtis '50 Cent' Jackson Community Garden." Bette Midler, and her New York Restoration Project, got 50 involved. "I love 50!" Midler Said. [watch here] continuing by telling how she hooked up with 60 saying "We found G-Unity, which is Curtis' foundation. They were interested. This garden is mainly for kids, and they do a lot of things with kids." [watch here]. 50 Cent, who reportedly coughed up more than $200,000 for the project, said "It's exciting … and it was an opportunity for me to do something for the actual kids in the community."

    50 told the locals who came to the event "This a helluva opportunity, for me to collaborate with Bette," before seeing residents he knows and shouting "I didn't even know Lefty was out of jail," then shouting "What's up, baby?" The G-Unit general plans to have more events like this including "50's First Annual 40 Day," geared toward the people who live in and around the borough's South Jamaica Houses (a.k.a. "40 Projects") plus 50 is planning the "Baisley Day" for the neighborhood's Baisley Park, in which 50's community garden is located. "We're gonna make it happen the way we been making it happen, right here," he told the crowd. [watch here]

50 Cent & Bette Midler – Dedicate Park To Home Town


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