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50 Debuts New Film; Drops Mini Movie

Posted By on November 6, 2009

    Yesterday (November 5th), 50 Cent hosted the first of 6 screenings for his "Before I Self Destruct" film, included in his upcoming album of the same name. At the AMC Kips Bay 15 Theater in New York. 50 first welcomed everyone to the event saying "I had to chance to write, produce and direct my first project…I want to thank everyone for coming out, for me this is an opportunity to show the cause and effect within the story telling process…to be able to tell the story with more depth, having an hour and half to do it, you can show a person a lifetime." [50 Cent Welcomes The Crowd To the Premiere Of His New Movie – Watch Here]

    50 did acknowledge the leak of his album (well kind of) stating "It's easy to steal a song, it's only 3 minutes so it probably takes 3 seconds to get it your computer but it's hard to steal a movie." The next "Before I Self Destruct" screening will be in Atlanta, GA on Saturday (November 7th) at Movies ATL (3760 Princeton Lakes Pkwy SW).

    In related news, 50 Cent also put out yesterday (November 5th) what he calls an "official movie music video" titled "Stretch (Crime Wave Pt 2)" from his upcoming "Before I Self Destruct" album. Make sure you check it out, click here! [50 Cent's New Mini Movie Music Video "Stretch (Crime Wave Part 2)" – Watch here]

50 Cent – Welcomes Everyone To His Movie Premiere

50 Cent – Stretch (Crime Wave 2) – Mini Movie

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