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50 Cent Sued Over His Self Destruction

Posted By on November 10, 2010

     50 Cent's last project, "Before I Self Destruct," was not only an album but also a film which was included with the CD. Now an author out of New Jersey, Shadrach Winstead, says that the idea for the album slash movie was his idea and the G-Unit leader stole it. Winstead said he used idea for his book "The Preacher's Son-But The Streets Turned Me Into A Gangster." Although details on things like how much he is suing 50 Cent for are not available yet, it is known that the lawsuit was filed in a New Jersey district court.

    Beyond a set amount of damages, 50 Cent is being sued for any and all profits from the album slash movie. "The defendant infringed the copyright by publishing and selling an audio visual work (a movie released in DVD format), coupled with an audio recording (“recordings”)," said Winstead in his complaint.

     In the meantime, check out TWO new music videos which 50 Cent was featured in. First up is "Altered Ego" from Bobby Valentino, followed by "Down On Me" by Keenan Cahill.


Bobby Valentino ft 50 Cent – Altered Ego


Keenan Cahill ft 50 Cent – Down On Me

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