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50 Cent Wanted Jamie Foxx Not Ne-Yo

Posted By on November 12, 2009

    50 Cent was recently asked about working with Ne-Yo and the G-Unit general described the entire process of making his hit single "Baby By Me" with the singer. "I was never actually in the studio with Ne-Yo because he was somewhere else touring. Once I completed the song, I sent it to him. I wrote a chorus to the record too and he's such a strong writer, that he didn't want to sing what I said so he sent it back with something else on it. The first time he sent it back, the records was about love and I was like 'Na this is not it.' It had to be about physical interaction before you reach the point of love, you know? so he was like "I got you, I got you" and he sent it back the way it is now." [50 Cent Talks About Recording Baby By Me – Listen Here]

    Before ending the interview, 50 Cent did admit that he first sent the record to Jamie Foxx but 50 says "I think Jamie [Foxx] was coming off the alcohol," to which the interviewer says "he probably hears it now like 'damn that could have been me!' [50 Cent Says He First Wanted Jamie Foxx On The Song, Not Ne-Yo – Watch Here]

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