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50 Says Game Is Not From The Streets

Posted By on November 18, 2009

     50 Cent continues to talk about his former G-Unit member, Game, this time saying that the California rapper's street credibility should be questioned. Before getting to that, 50 talked about Game and Young Buck's recent moves. "They didn't have morals," 50 said about the ex-G-Unit members. "They haven't been brought up under the same circumstances. We've been taught not to bite the hand that feeds us. It's just not the right way to go." [50 Cent – Opens Up About Game & Dr Dre – Watch Here]

     50 then said Game isn't real. "Game ain't really from the streets. He's a hip-hop baby. He's doing what he thinks he's supposed to do to generate the most interest. This is why you constantly see him flip-flop from one thing to another thing. He doesn't care, as long as you're interested…I generate attention, and the association gave him attention, initially. I wrote the records that you know him for from the very beginning. See, my respect for Dr. Dre is there because I feel like you might not have heard 'P.I.M.P' the way you heard it if you didn't hear 'In da Club.' You might not have embraced 'Many Men' or felt other things on my record if I didn't start with 'In da Club.' So when a man has his first three singles, from an artist perspective, with material that I wrote for him — whether it's 'Westside Story,' 'How We Do,' or 'Hate It or Love It' — then it's clear he'd be like 'I ain't gonna go against that,' but he doesn't have that thing that stops him. And he doesn't mean it later, because you'll see him apologize. It seems like he's sick."

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