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50 Cent Calls Nicki Minaj An Unique Talent (Video)

Posted By on November 23, 2010

     G-Unit leader, 50 Cent, recently shared his his thoughts and feelings on the upcoming female rap-star, Nicki Minaj. Explaining how she differentiates herself from other rappers, 50 Cent says that Nicki Minaj has undeniable talent in a business that is typically dominated by males.

"She's the only female around, period," Fif said. "She has a lane that's been closed that she just busted open on her own, and she's an amazing talent. A lot of artists, I personally am not excited by, but her, particularly, she impressed me on that 'Bottoms Up' remix," he added, referring to Trey Songz's smash, one of a number of memorable Nicki cameos this year. (MTV)

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