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50 Cent Talks Ongoing Beef With Rick Ross

Posted By on November 27, 2009

    50 Cent recently talked about the "Aftermath" of his rap beef with Triple C's leader Rick Ross, admitting that he has an inability to allow himself to leave diss records and remarks unanswered. From 50's point of view, it's his love and appreciation for the hip-hop culture that motivates him to continue the rap battle. "That's hip-hop culture," Fif said about beefing with rappers beneath his radar. "Is it me attacking Rick Ross or is Rick Ross attacking me? Why ignore [him] when I can destroy him and make a portfolio of dead bodies that indicate to other artists that it's not cool to compete when you're not ready." [50 Cent Says Beefs Are Hip Hop – Watch Here]

     The G-Unit general continued "I can be above the culture and then you know what you'll say? Because of my financial success, you'll say, 'Oh, he feels like he's bigger than everything else.' And there's something wrong with that too, isn't there? Like if I walked around and felt like I was just better than the actual thing that created me, because hip-hop as an artform, I haven't lost my interest in competing. I think that's what makes the artist a better artist." [50 Cent Talks Continuing His Beef With Rick Ross – Watch Here]

50 Cent – Talks Continuing Rick Ross Beef


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