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50 Says Rick Ross Tried To Get His Son

Posted By on November 30, 2009

    50 Cent recently talked about a failed attempt by his rap enemy Rick Ross in which he tried to get a hold of 50's son Marquise. Before warning Rick Ross of the possible fatal outcome if the Triple C's leader was able to get a hold of his son, the G-Unit general explained what Ross tried to do. "They should have had some type of communication," 50 said about Tia Kemp (Rick Ross' ex) and Ross. "See, you know what's interesting about them that's different from me is even when I'm upset, I'll think things out, you see what I'm saying, and make the best possible move under those circumstances. Like, they actually indirectly tried to contact my son's mom." [50 Cent Talks About Rick Ross Trying To Get A Hold Of His Son – Listen Here]

     50 Cent continued by giving a very easy to understand warning…"Yeah, and then like, they would have only had them show up somewhere for me to have 'em shot at that point. You see what I'm saying, because she would have told me. You gotta understand, even when I'm completely pissed at her, she'll go, 'Yo, drop it off kid, they gonna be at the corner of such and such.'" [50 Cent Warns Rick Ross To Leave His Son Alone – Watch Here]

50 Cent – Talks About Rick Ross Failed Move

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