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50 Says He Beat Jay-Z’s Career Total In 4 Years

Posted By on December 2, 2009

    50 Cent continues to react to Jay-Z's speech at the American Music Awards where he said that "Men Lie, Women Lie, Numbers Don't." Taking it as a remark towards the sales of his new "Before I Self Destruct" album, 50 says he matched Jigga's entire album-selling total in only four years. During an interview in Paris, the G-Unit leader explained why Jay-Z cannot compare their sales numbers. "When you say something as vague as 'Men lie, women lie, numbers don't,' how do you take that as a disrespect, a response," Fif asked in an interview. "If we did look at the numbers, you'd see I did his career, my first two records. I did what he did in 15 years in 4 years. Like the numbers? You don't wanna talk about the numbers." [50 Cent Says He Beat Jay-Z's 10 Year Total In Only 4 – Watch Here]

    In related news, as we previously reported, Jay-Z made the infamous speech at this years AMAs. "What's up, what's up," Jay said in his acceptance speech. "Well, I wanna thank New York for being a great muse and I wanna thank everybody outside of New York that got inspired by the record because it's about inspiration, it's about a journey. You know, I come from Marcy Projects — I wanna thank all the fans that connected with the record, peace and love. Men lie, women lie but numbers don't! [laughs]" [Jay-Z's Infamous American Music Awards Speech – Watch Here]

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