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50 Cent Says Tiger Woods Picked The Wrong Girls

Posted By on December 7, 2009

    It seems like everyone is talking about Tiger Woods these days and 50 Cent is no exception. The G-Unit general recently talked about the golfer with Tim Westwood, even providing Woods with some advice. 50 says that Tiger simply picked the wrong girls. "He just picked the wrong girls I guess," Fif said. "[Relationships,] that's wrong too. But he might have
trust issues. So I mean, if you have trust issues and you see so many
people there, like, you develop a comfort with that person. And even
though you don't have a relationship with 'em, you still wanna be around
a selective party. You can tell he was just never under those types of
circumstances, because he didn't know better than to not do that. Like
even the apology before we found out what was going on. He's like,
'This is obviously my fault,' before we can figure out what he did.
[laughs]" [50 Cent Talks About Tiger Woods – Watch Here]

    In related news, 50 Cent is currently planning his next music video from his new "Before I Self Destruct" album. 50 recently shot the video for "Do You Think About Me" which features none other than Vivica A Fox. [50 Cent, Vivica A Fox – Do You Think About Me (Preview) – Watch Here]

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