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50 Cent Explains The Level Of Respect He Has For Kendrick Lamar

Posted By on December 10, 2013

50 Cent recently spoke on the level of respect he has for TDE’s Kendrick Lamar for having the same mentality when it comes to being successful. 50 also shared what he feels is the difference is between the two.

In 50’s opinion, Lamar has decided to take the more humble approach when it comes to dealing with his success, whereas 50 chose to go the arrogant route.

“I love Kendrick – there’s a huge difference in the two of us, our characters and the way we present ourselves,” 50 explained in an interview. “To me, Kendrick to me, he possesses the appeal, like, he doesn’t know this was going to happen. There’s a level of confidence required for you to withstand the doubt. I had so much doubt prior to it actually working for me, that I would appear, at points, a little arrogant, like, ‘I knew it was going to work because you took so long to figure it out. I told you it was hot.'” (XXL Mag)

50 also spoke on what his thoughts of Lamar’s controversial verse on “Control.”

“When he made the decision to tell the other artists that his new music is better than he’s made on the album, ’cause that’s what he meant. He was saying, ‘My new music is better than the music I made in the past and if you don’t bring yours up to standard, you’re gonna get left behind.’ I don’t think it can register as an attack because he’s worked with everyone he’s mentioned.” (XXL Mag)

Check out the interview below:

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