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Fan Rushes Stage During 50 Cent Show

Posted By on December 22, 2009

    50 Cent reportedly had another fan rush the stage at a recent concert in Nigeria, not to mention having power supply issues. G-Unit member and long time 50 Cent's DJ, Whoo Kidd, took to his twitter account to update fans on G-Unit status. "Finally out of Nigeria!! Last show they shot Ak47s at the fans –
wtf!!!! It felt so good to see a BIG MAC in Germany !!! food!! I'm A
ALIVE!," he wrote on Twitter. "ALIVE!!!! 1st Concert in Nigeria ,
Africa the whole city power grid went out during What Up Gangster and
Fan Jumped on stage at 50 again Escaped in a Black out !!! video will
be up soon !!!! I am still sh*tting on my self from the food and
water… yipes are there pampers in Germany!"

    Previously 50 Cent appeared on the Howard Stern Show and released a new video for "Do You Think About Me." [50 Cent – On The Howard Stern Show – Watch Here] , [50 Cent ft Governor – Do You Think About Me – Watch Here]


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    Is there anywhere to still hear this audio?