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50 Talks Lil Wayne & Trina, Tells Why Buck Got Robbed

Posted By on December 23, 2008

    As we reported yesterday, 50 Cent recently responded to a Lil Wayne diss track that leaked. In a new interview 50 talks more about the Lil Wayne situation saying "he was helping everyone that was disrespecting me. He's making their records hot" [watch here]. 50 talked about Weezy and Trina's relationship saying "the truth is he was actually in love with her. He was feeling Trina like that. Trina got tapes of him calling and apologizing" [watch here].

     The G-Unit general went on to talk about another rapper he is beefing with, Young Buck. In the new interview [watch here] 50 talks about the ex-G-Unit member that he kicked out [watch here]  
    50 Cent goes into seven and a half minute speech where he tells his side of the entire Young Buck story. 50 says that Young Buck spent all of his money (over 8 million 50 claims he helped Buck make) on expensive cars, without helping anyone out. 50 says this caused Buck to get robbed and then turn on G-Unit [watch here]. 50 goes on to say that Young Buck was using drugs and wasted his opportunities [watch here].

50 Cent – Talks Lil Wayne & Trina, Explains Why Young Buck Got Robbed


  • Eric

    Is there anywhere to still hear this audio?