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50 Cent Says Game Gets Away With Beef

Posted By on December 28, 2009

    Recently 50 Cent sat down with DJ Semtex to talk about the best and worst moments of 2009. Starting with the best album, 50 Cent moved on to the "beef" issue, talking about the Jay-Z / Beanie Sigel issue and of course former G-Unit member, Game. According to Fif, Game often gets away with attacking him despite being the one who helped him get his status. "Let me ask you a question, when you see Game, do you say, 'Yo, why you talking about 50, you wouldn't even be here if it wasn't for him," Fif asked. "You don't say that. Right. But you said that about [Beanie Sigel]. When he picks and comes, he's really there because of his association with 50 Cent initially. I introduced him. The same way you felt Jay-Z put Beans into a space that we recognize Beans and I don't really hear people say that to Game. I don't hear people say 'You're really here because of your association with 50 Cent. We know you because of 50 Cent. So why are you so comfortable for disrespecting 50 Cent?.'" [50 Cent Says Game Gets Away With Beef – Watch Here]

     50 continued "It's not your fault though, you're in the record company. There's people that when I tell you there's certain people that don't have a responsibility to be cool with you because they are just doing business, that's the way I view Interscope as a record company." In related news, 50 Cent also recently stated that he will be making a music video for his "So Disrespectful" track. [50 Cent Says He Will Make A "So Disrespectful" Music Video – Watch Here]

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