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50 Cent Asks Judge To Kick Exgirlfriend Out Of His House

Posted By on April 3, 2008

    Today 50 Cent is expected to ask a judge that would get his ex-girlfriend and their child out of his Long Island house. 50 wants his sons mother, Shaniqua Tompikins, and his son Maquise Jackson, forced out of the house he owns. 50 Cent has been fighting with the woman over child support after 50 claimed her demands were getting out of hand. At first she was awarded $25,000 a month (although she wanted $50,000), but 50 later won the battle when it was later overturned and changed to only $6,700 a month in February.

    In the agreement, Tompikins, their son and a different man were allowed to remain in 50's home until she used some of the money 50's given her to find a new residency. She apparently hasn't found a new place and 50 think's shes not even trying. Tomkins intends to say that an eviction is impossible because she isn't technically a tenant, plus her children goto school in the district, plus she says the house was bought for her anyway.

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