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50 Cent fights Fans

Posted By on May 10, 2004

50 Cent jumped the stage at a Boston club over the weekend, turning a surprise performance into a fight club.

Police broke up a crowd of 1,400 club-goers at a 50 Cent show gone awry early Saturday morning. Two people were arrested for disturbing the peace during the melee that broke out in the Hippodrome club in Boston.

According to police reports, 50 Cent and his entourage jumped into the crowd only ten minutes into his performance after someone in the crowd threw water at the rapper on stage. 50 Cent then “removed his gold chain” and leaped off the stage into the thick crowd of onlookers.

Security guards in the club along with two extra-duty police officers pushed the rapper and his entourage back on stage where he continued his performance.

“He finished the song, believe it or not,” Barrasso said. “Then the whole entourage and him just rushed for the exit, got in their cars and left,” Hippodrome co-owner Michael J. Barrasso told reporters.

50 Cent was a surprise guest at the show, sponsored by WZMX-FM radio station of Hartford, Connecticut. The rapper, known for wearing bullet-proof vests, was carrying a weapon that fired rubber pellets which was taken from him upon his entrance into the venue.

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