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50 Cent Gets Shot At

Posted By on September 10, 2003

According to reports, gunplay erupted outside of Jersey City’s Double Tree Hotel prompting rapper 50 Cent, members of his entourage and bodyguards to flee in several SUV’s.

50 and crew arrived at the hotel just after midnight to check in.

A parking attendant that was present heard the volley of gunfire as a dozen men from the rapper’s entourage were approaching the side entrance of the hotel.

When officers arrived, the attendant said he went to call the police and 50 and his entourage hopped into their SUV’s and left.

Investigators are particularly interested in the amount of spent shell casings that were found in the parking lot.

Six spent .40 caliber shell casings and three .45 caliber casings were found, a total of nine, the amount of times the rapper was shot in 2000.

Police are seeking a suspect and motive for the shooting.

On September 1, Shadaha “Jah” Bey, was gunned down in Queens, New York. Bey’s father said that his son worked security for 50 Cent’s G-Unit crew.

Days afterwards, Murder Inc. rapper Gerard “D.O. Cannon” Fields was subsequently gunned down in Queens.

Authorities have dismissed the two homicides as being linked, saying that Cannon’s slaying was the result of a dispute, in which he allegedly tried kill another unidentified man.

Despite having a description of Field’s killer and a motive, New York police have yet to arrest anyone in relation to his murder.

Source: All Hip Hop

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