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50 Cent Gives Two Cents On G-Unit Rumors

Posted By on January 9, 2007

NEW YORK — 50 Cent is starting to get angry again. And as history has shown, that should mean good material for the bulletproof rapper's forthcoming album, Before I Self Destruct, tentatively due this spring.

Responding to detractors who claim G-Unit are over due to a slippage in album sales and rumors about the direction of his project, Fif says he's been feeling the pressure to deliver with Before I Self Destruct. As he explained, he is used to pressure — he already places a lot on himself as it is — and knows what everyone's been saying lately about his camp.

"I heard them talking on the radio about G-Unit is over, because they seeing some of the artists having difficulties," 50 said last week inside his offices during a break from promoting his recently launched G-Unit Books. "What you're seeing is the music business. Nothing just works in the music business. There's no company that has had a higher success rate than G-Unit since I showed up. I've accomplished what took people 10 years to do in business, in three.

"One project doesn't work and G-Unit is over?" he continued. "What about 50? Put that pressure on me. Cause I'mma smash their head as soon as I come back."

Aside from super-producers J.R. Rotem and Rich Harrison, 50 revealed that Timbaland will be another beatsmith helping him smash on his new project. The two have been collaborating recently, and 50 compared the experience to working with Dr. Dre and Eminem. One difference working with Timbaland, however, is the obligation 50 said he feels to use Timbaland's tracks after traveling down to Miami to get in the studio with the producer.

"To be honest with you, I feel [another kind of] pressure when I go in a studio with a producer," Fif explained. " 'Cause I don't wanna waste time. I don't live in Florida, so I have to go to Florida to work with Timbaland. I feel like I'm paying airfare for my entourage, I'm paying hotel fare for my entourage, I'm paying studio time. I'm in there with Timbaland like, 'I need to make a f—ing hit.' I feel obligated under those circumstances. My intentions are to go there and make the record. But if they mail the music to my house, I might listen and go, 'I don't know if that's the record.' But after I came there, I want to make something."

Fif also clarified that his next album won't be as soulful as some have suggested. He's been listening to older R&B lately, but not for direction — it's because there has been a lack of quality releases lately. He's heard Jay-Z's album (good, he said) and Game's album (not so much, he said), but 50's more interested in getting his G-Unit projects out on shelves in 2007.

First will come Young Buck's sophomore album, then Young Hot Rod's debut and then his own LP. But Fif was hush on the rest of his crew, only saying he won't rush the projects and that they'll see the light of day when the music is totally ready.

For now, 50 is fully focused on moving forward with his plans for this year, rather than dwelling on his or his roster's 2006.

"I feel like this year is my year," 50 said. "And there's absolutely no competition. I'm gonna dominate again. It might seem unfair, but I'm gonna do what I came to do."

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