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50 Cent Let Off The Hook

Posted By on June 15, 2007

50 Cent will reportedly not have to testify in an upcoming assault trial involving NBA Denver Nuggets guard Allen Iverson.

According to the Associated Press, Iverson is being sued by two unidentified individuals who claim the hoop-star hit one of them with a bottle during a fight between members of Iverson's security and patrons at a downtown Washington bar in 2005.

50 (born Curtis Jackson) was not involved in the fight but the lawyers of the plaintiffs claim that the G-Unit boss knew some of Iverson's security and could testify at trial about their behavior.

50 argued that since he was not involved in the fight and is not named in the lawsuit, he could not be forced to travel from his home in Connecticut to testify. A federal judge agreed with the rapper saying she did not have jurisdiction because he lived more than 100 miles from the court.

Iverson and his entourage are charged with assault, conspiracy and other charges. Their trial begins on June 27.

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