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50 Cent Looking Towards Next Contract, Eyes Jay-Z Type Deal

Posted By on May 20, 2008

    Although 50 Cent still has to do two more albums to complete his contract with Interscope Records, 50 is already looking towards the future. The New York Post is reporting that the G-Unit leader wants to follow in Jay-Z's footsteps, who signed a $150 million dollar deal with Live Nation. 50 has one of the two remaining albums left on his contract set to release on July 1st, G-Unit's "Terminate On Sight." Sources close to 50 say that he plans to release his next solo album in the fourt quarter so that he can be finished with his contract by the end of the year.

    Sources say that 50 is already talking to companies to sign a Jay-Z type deal. Rumors have already spread about 50 possibly signing with MySpace owner NewsCorp, but music execs have said such a deal is premature at this point. 50 Cent would be a major asset for any company having things like an investment in Vitamin Water valued at $100 million, his own record label, a branded clothing line, sneakers through Reebok, fitness videos, books, video games, Hollywood movies, and most recently a memorabilia line through a deal with Steiner Sports.

    Although Live Nation isn't ruled out as a bidder, Interscope records has to be satisfied to let 50 go. Rumor has it the label has a first refusal option that could keep any other interested company off the horizon.

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