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50 Cent No Longer Just From The Hood, Hes On The Hood

Posted By on May 22, 2004

50 Cent has been patiently waiting for a track to explode on, and now he’s got one: England’s Rockingham racetrack.

The rapper and his management company are sponsoring driver Steve Hobday’s racecar at the track’s Days of Thunder event on June 6. He’ll also be the headlining performer at the monthly showcase of 170+ mph racing and music, with G-Unit and Radio 1 DJ Tim Westwood opening.

“50 Cent expressed he was a big fan of racing in the States,” Days of Thunder spokesperson Jeff Carter said. “It’s a good fit and good fun.”

50’s face and the logos of G-Unit and 50’s management company, Violator, are emblazoned on the hood of Hobday’s car, which will go up against the Darkness’ car, driven by Shaun Richardson.

“This is fantastic news,” Hobday said in a statement. “The whole team are really excited about running on 6th June with 50 Cent on the car. 50 is a big fan of NASCAR and this style of racing, and I’m sure we’ll give him something to cheer about before he goes out on the Rockingham stage. Perhaps he’ll even write a rap about us.”

Days of Thunder takes place on the first Sunday of every month between May and October.

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