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50 Cent Plans To Make Like Eminem And Disappear After Next Two LPs Drop

Posted By on June 5, 2007

Is 50 Cent threatening to make like a long list of rappers before him — from Jay-Z to Master P to Too Short — and announce his retirement from the game?

Not quite. He's definitely not hanging up his mic, he recently told MTV News.

But if you ask Fif, after his next two projects — both of which are almost done, by the way — he won't feel the need to drop an album as often as he has so far in his career.

"For me, right now, I feel like I love music, so [fans] should expect me to make music afterwards," 50 explained. "But I'll make it organically, like [Dr.] Dre makes a record. It may take five or seven years. … They'll be looking for my record, like, 'Yo, come on, when you making a record?' "

For now, however, we do know the answer to that question.

Next up, of course, is his recently pushed-back third album, Curtis, which is now due in September.

But the G-Unit leader also told MTV News that he's just five songs away from completing his fourth album, Before I Self Destruct, which was originally going to be his follow-up to The Massacre (see "50 Cent, Almost Ready To Self Destruct, Unloads On Critics First"). 50 shelved that idea to make way for Curtis after his recent rift with Cam'ron.

"I recorded 10 records to the concept of Before I Self Destruct, but I put them aside when I started to create Curtis," Fif said. "Before I Self Destruct is scheduled to be released February 4, which is the anniversary of Get Rich or Die Tryin'. And it'll be my final studio recording for where I'm at, for my deal. I did a five-album deal, and the fifth album is a greatest-hits CD."

And after that? It's not clear whether he'll re-sign with Interscope or another label. But get ready for 50 to pull an Eminem and disappear from the scene for a while, in the hopes of getting even bigger by doing so.

"Em ain't put out an album in five years," 50 said. "It builds anticipation because he's away. And he really doesn't enjoy what comes with the success. He likes to just be away a lot more, just be shy toward people. And then the less common you appear, the bigger your celebrity. So then he isolates himself, [and] he becomes more popular. People are more excited."

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