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50 Cent Replies To Chain Being Stolen, Thief Turned In By Parents, Watch The Video Here

Posted By on May 6, 2008

    As most people have heard by now, 50 Cent had his chain stolen right off of him as he was performing in Africa. The news broke over the weekend and a video of the incident has been circling the internet [watch here]. 50 Cent addressed the issue by writing "Recently 50 Cent, Lloyd Banks and Tony Yayo were performing in Angola,
Africa. Being that security was limited, fans were able to interact
with the group onstage. However one fan had a different motive, and bit
off more than he can chew, as he attempted to run up on 50 and snatch
his chain."

    Now the man who is accused of snatching the necklace hs been turned in by his parents. The Angola Press is reporting that Bruno Carvlho was turned in to the local police by his parents. TMZ reported that an unnamed G-Unit insider said what isn't seen in the fan video was that 50 jumped off the stage "and punched the man who tried to jack him." The insider also reportedly said, "The chain is around 50's neck right now." A spokeswoman for 50 Cent at Interscope Records told The New York Times that the interloper had been prevented from leaving, and that 50's chain had been recovered.

    Click Here to Watch The Video Of 50 Cent Performing and Having His Chain Stolen

50 Cent Get's Chain Taken In Africa


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