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50 Cent & Robert De Niro Cover VIBE

Posted By on February 4, 2008

50 Cent is starting in a new movie, Righteous Kill, with Robert De Niro and Al Pacino. Now he is sharing the cover with his co-star and Academy Award-winning Actor Robert De Niro on March's issue of VIBE Magazine. In the article the co-stars discuss everything from family to what they think about eachother. 50 Cent says "Actors are imitating life. That exists. People who don't actually follow the rules. So for an actor to create a project to show people what actually happens, that's cool." De Niro seems to co-sign 50's opinion, adding that "Movies are like dreams, an expression of people's subconscious, what they feel, what they would want to do but wouldn't do … And we all know the difference between reality and fiction." He goes on to say, "Those characters are more exciting. People like to watch and identify with them in some ways. It's a fantasy."

Their movie, Righteous Kill, will be in theatres April 18th.

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    Is there anywhere to still hear this audio?