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50 Cent To Sign $300 Million Dollar Deal With MySpace Owners?

Posted By on May 14, 2008

    With record sales dropping, artists are now signing deals that allow companies to control all aspects of their income in exchange for upfront and backend money. Madonna and Jay-Z recently signed such deals with touring giant Live Nation.

    Rumors are now circulating that 50 Cent is close to signing one of these deals, with MySpace.com owners, NewsCorp. A website is claiming "inside sources" told them that 50s close to signing a $300 million dollar deal (half in stock, half in cash) which would leave 50 one of the largest share holders in NewsCorp.

    The story says that the deal would include 50 & G-Unit moving to MySpace Records (which they are about to launch), 50's touring, 50's Thisis50.com website, a G-Unit book deal, 50 Cent & G-Unit music publishing and give 50 a production studio to create film & tv projects.

    The deal would reportedly go into effect in 2009 when 50 completes his contract with Interscope Records. Nothing is confirmed and right now it's strictly a rumor.

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