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50 Cent Wins Victory, Exgirlfriend Ordered To Move Out Of His Home

Posted By on April 4, 2008

    50 Cent won his recent plea to the courts to have his ex kicked out of one of his homes. "Today's a good day, I'm a winner," 50 Cent said after hearing the verdict. "I always win. The house is mine. She just wants to drag the situation out as long as possible. I think she just wants to see me dragging me back and fourth to court. My time is worth a lot so I'm wasting my time right now."
    As we previously reported, 50 Cent recently pleaded to the court to evict his exgirlfriend and son out of his Long Island home, which he reportedly paid $2.4 million for and is one of the largest in the town of Dix Hills. They were allowed to stay in the house while she looked for a new home but 50 said she hadn't at all and it's about time they leave. Shaniqua Tomkins tried to fight back by filing a law suite accusing 50 of breach of contract. "He's a very evil and abusive man and that's why I left him in the first place. Any man that can evict his own child out of a house is evil. After I took care of him and I worked when he wasn't doing anything. He's a very evil and disgruntled man. I just hope God bless him," Tomkins said.
    Not only did 50 win the judgement and Tomkins lawsuit was dismissed, she was also ordered to pay 50 $9,000 in fees and has until the end of the school year to move out. "[This is] absolutely not [over]," 50 explained to the press. "She's going to try to do everything she could do. She doesn't have a job. This is her job, chasing me around [and] seeing if she can get a few dollars."

Click Here to see footage of 50 Cent In Court & Talking Afterwards.

50 Cent in court.


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