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50 Cent Working Hard, Promotes New Site, Releases New Mixtape, Denys Dissing Paris Hilton

Posted By on February 5, 2008

50 Cent has always been a hard worker, and success hasn't changed him at all. 50 recently launched a new website, thisis50.com, where he uses it as part blog, part social-networking outlet. "You should always expect me to be better than the guys you consider to
be average artists," 50 — who is on the next cover of Vibe with Robert
De Niro promoting his next film, "Righteous Kill" — said about his Web
site, comparing it to others. "I don't think there's nothing average
about me as far as the opportunities or how far I would go. You see
when I do G-Unit sneakers, I don't wear anything but G-Unit sneakers.
When I do G-Unit clothes, I don't wear anything but G-Unit clothes.
[With] VitaminWater, I don't commit to anything that's not a part of my
lifestyle. I practice what I preach. That's not just my style. Trust
me, I've had opportunities to do business ventures that I have turned
down. I'm averaging 10,000 a people a week [on my Web site]."

50 did state for the record that he did not diss Paris Hilton at her own birthday party, as previously reported. 'He ain't that heartless to throw Paris Hilton [offstage],' DJ Whoo Kid adds. 50 didn't say the same about his peers. "There's no way they gonna survive me," 50 said Monday (February 4) at his G-Unit offices.

50 is especially excited about the prospect of people across the globe
getting his mixtapes as soon as his U.S. fans do, via ThisIs50.com.  "I gotta be able to come up with something contextually that's bigger
and better as far as distributing the mixtape for marketing and
promotional purposes," he said. "ThisIs50 was the perfect outlet for
that. The traditional way of releasing a mixtape has been great. Whoo
Kid is the biggest mixtape DJ in existence. But to reinvent it and to
get [the fans' mouths] wet by [having] them downloading it, is Web
news. People receive it. In Germany, Kosovo, based on our last tour,
they became members of the social network, so they had the opportunity
or option to download it immediately. It makes it a lot more effective.
It gives me the world instead of just America."

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