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50 Didn’t Expect A Grammy, DJ Whoo Kid Talks New Music, Talks Tour With Eminem & Dr. Dre.

Posted By on February 11, 2008

50 Didn't expect to win a Grammy as he said in a previous interview, "I did say, 'Kanye gets the trophies, 50 gets the checks' [in a previous interview]," Fif recalled. "I was saying that because when the awards shows came, they overlooked me, forgot to acknowledge my accomplishments. Anytime the Grammys came, every time the award shows came, they overlooked me. You know why — because of where I come from and how I was raised. They project that to middle America. Oh my goodness, their kids might wanna be like me!"

50 recently released G-Unit's "Return of the Body Snatchers" mixtape last week.  "We still got the respect, but we got the hate/respect," DJ Whoo Kid said last week. "Some people hate 50's success so bad, they don't wanna give him his props. I guess he's assuming that he has to bust his again in 2008 and get it poppin'. If you hear how some of these songs sound like album cuts, imagine how the album is gonna be. He's not playing. He's making sure the G-Unit album is on point. He's pressing Yayo and Banks to give 150 percent. He's not accepting any wack records. Even when I heard these joints on Body Snatchers, I was like, 'Are you serious?' I fainted twice. A lot of these joints sound like they need to be on the album." "We're praying to God that Eminem gets his album done, so it can be some incredible sh–," Whoo said. "A [Dr.] Dre, Em and 50 tour. That would be a good look right now."

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