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50 Disses Female Artists & Wants Hillary As Pres

Posted By on August 30, 2007

50 Cent and Eve are featured on the double-cover of Rap-Up's September/October issue, and both rappers do plenty of talking inside. 50 dished about a handful of female artists, saying Beyoncé is "definitely hot," calling Ciara "talented" but dumping on rumored love interest Mya ("I don't think she's ever gonna be a success"). He also reiterated that he doesn't beef with Jay-Z and Diddy; riffed on his September 11 competitor, Kanye West; and also shared his feelings on the president. "Me and George Bush were both actually born on July 6, he's just a little older than me. And he does have a talent: He has less compassion than a regular human being." He added, "Me and George Bush are so different. … I actually go to war, when I go to war. Bush just sends [people] to war. When I took a trip to Iraq — 'cause I went to perform for the soldiers in Iraq — they had the same vehicles that I ride around in New York." While he's not crazy about President Bush, 50 did reveal who he would like to be the successor: "I'd like to see Hillary Clinton be president. It would be nice to see a woman be the actual president and … this is a way for us to have Bill Clinton be president again, and he did a great job during his term."
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