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50 Speaks On Game & More 4 Vibe

Posted By on February 23, 2005

50 Cent recently sat down with Vibe magazine and revealed a lot about his relationships with fellow G-Unit members, Dr Dre, Eminem & More. Read exerts from the article that will be in the next Vibe magazine with 50 on the cover in early March. Click “Read More” below now!

Vibe: How did you end up becoming involved in the Game project?

50: Dre and jimmy were getting ready to drop him from the label [ an Interscope rep denies this] and asked me whether I was interested in working with him. I thought his music was good, and theres nobody more exciting to work with than Dre.

Vibe: The Game rapped in the Jim Jones video for the remix of Certified Gangsta but didnt appear on the album version, why?

50: That was a mistake

Vibe: How so?

50: Because the first time people were supposed to see the Game was on “How We Do.” Dre was in the studio trying to find that first look, and Game went and did a record being pushed by Koch. I thought being on a Koch record hurts him more than it helps him, so I didnt give the clearance.

Vibe: The Game was recently a guest on hot 97 radio in New York, and he revealed in the interview that you and he got into an argument that involved a pushing match, Does that often happen in G Unit?

50: Only with me and him.

Vibe: Why?

50: “Cause hes opinionated. He hasn’t been around long enough to know that he needs to listen. Everybody else knows that but him.

Vibe: When Interscope played the early version of the album, you were on most of the hooks. Were many of the songs on his album originally 50 Cent records?

50: Um….[pause] I’ll say that we help each other.

Vibe: You speak very candidly almost all the time except for right now. Why is that?

50: I have to think about business, and it’s more lucrative for me to speak how i’m speaking about those issues right now. My natural energy is usually to speak my mind, but in this case I have to think about business first.

50 went on about Fat Joe, Shyne, Nas, and DBlock. He also spoke on how he is his own man and how no one can really tell him what he can and cannot do. He spoke on how people are saying he is what Ja Rule was and his recent signing of Olivia, an R&B singer to G-Unit. 50 later mentioned he plans on getting Eminem to produce an R&B record for the first time for Oliva’s debut album.

-props to ClearM3 aka Mr Exclusive News First

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