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Did Papoose Punch Fat Joe? 50 Cent’s Website Says Yes

Posted By on March 3, 2008

50 Cent and Fat Joe continue to go at eachother. Rumors or fact, the punches continue to be exchanged between the two rappers. Saturday a post on 50 Cent's website claimed that Papoose and Fat Joe got into a fight at a hotel in North Carolina February 29th. The blog posted by "G-Unit Promotions" says that "sources from Cassidy's crew" said they asked Papoose to come to their room and when he was there, Fat Joe & 9 Members of his entourage came in. They say Fat Joe started yelling at Pap saying “You Got A Problem With Me?” to which Papoose replied “No, do you have a problem?" Fat Joe allegedly replied "yeah, I got a problem with you,” and that's when Papoose apparently swung and punched Fat Joe in the face twice. Cassidy's camp denied any involvement, including rumors that they set up Papoose. True of false, we do know that 50 Cent and G-Unit's new mixtape, "Elephant In The Sand" is set to come out March 11th, the same day as Fat Joe's "Elephant In The Room."

The blog was posted after another claim that 50 Cent broke up a potential fight between Papoose and Max B on February 28th. 50's website claims 50 was interviewing Max B when Papoose came in. The blog says when Max B tried to give Pap "a pound" Papoose said "put your hand away, what's up with that slick shit you was saying about Kay Slay on the internet?" Apparently before Max B could reply, Papoose went to approach him, but fortunately 50 Cent was able to get in the middle of the two rappers and seperate them.

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