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Former Rocawear Model (and Miss England) Wins Settlement From Tabloid Over 50 Cent Sex Rumor

Posted By on November 16, 2007

Danielle Lloyd, the former face of Rocawear UK, has reportedly won “substantial damages” in a lawsuit over a British tabloid’s claim that she had sex with rapper 50 Cent. According to the UK’s Press Gazette, Lloyd filed suit against MGN Ltd., which publishes the Daily Mirror, over a July 11 headline that read ‘Fiddy’s no diddy, Danielle looking wobbly after a big night in with 50 Cent.’ In the article, the Mirror claimed that Lloyd had sex with 50 while she was still dating Wigan Athletic football player Marcus Bent and that she propositioned singer Jason Orange. Today in London’s High Court, Lloyd’s attorney, Magnus Boyd, told Mr. Justice David Eady that the Mirror had accepted responsibility for printing the rumor and was willing to pay a settlement which includes damage and Lloyd’s legal costs. “Danielle Lloyd did not proposition 50 Cent or Jason Orange, sexually or otherwise, nor did she have sex with 50 Cent and nor was she going out with, and therefore unfaithful to, Marcus Bent,” Boyd told the court. “

The article was hurtful and caused Danielle Lloyd distress and embarrassment.” Lloyd has declined to reveal exactly how much she was awarded, but said in a statement, “I was devastated by the disgusting lies about my private life which the Daily Mirror published without a shred of evidence to back them up and despite being told the truth in advance. The allegations could not have been more hurtful and the story in which they appeared was unbelievably spiteful and malicious.” Earlier this year, the Rocawear apparel company severed ties with Lloyd following a controversy about racially insensitive remarks she made while appearing on the Big Brother reality show. The controversial model was also stripped over her title as Ms. Great Britain after it was revealed that she had a romantic relationship with one of the judges.

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