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Jim Jones Stands By Cam’ron, Denies Talking With 50 Cent

Posted By on February 22, 2007

With a nationwide tour on the horizon, Jim Jones recently appeared on New York City's Funkmaster Flex Hot 97 radio show to discuss Cam'ron's beef with 50 Cent and dispel rumors of a rift between him and the Dipset honcho.

During the Q&A, the Harlem bred rapper also revealed which R&B chick he thinks is hotter than Beyonce and unveiled his pet name for Memphis Bleek.

50 and Cam'ron have been engaged in lyrical warfare sparked by a heated argument the two rappers had on Hot 97 three weeks ago

50 said in a recent interview that Jim Jones had reached out to him to keep the peace but the self proclaimed "Kufi Smacker" denied the conversation ever happend.

"Me and 50 Cent have never spoken personally on the phone or ever. Last time I seen him was in '97 when we were both on Sony," explained Jones. "We know a couple of people, we got liaisons but we haven't spoken."

When queried about whether he thinks the beef between Dipset and G-Unit would escalate, Jones replied "I don't think it's an issue. We are two powerful teams, we could meet up with each other and it could be interesting, but that's not what we're promoting."

"Now it's just the dons going back and forth," he emphasized. "It builds morale for the game and its good."

Jones has been embroiled in a feud of his own with Jay-Z. During the interview Funkmaster Flex would reveal that he is not allowed to play Jones' hit single "Fly High" or any Dipset records at Hova's 40/40 club.

"That's pure hatred ," stressed Jones. " They cheating the crowd. I can imagine the scolding he gives people for doing jump shots. Beyonce didn't even want Jennifer Hudson at a party, the hate runs in the blood."

Jones would then disagree with Flex when the infamous radio personality claimed that Beyonce was the hottest chick in the industry in the past 20 years.

"She does her thing, she gets it popping, but they have been other ones in the past 10 years that are mean and vicious," Jones asserted. " I'm not gonna give her the title, I might make people upset but that young girl Ciara got it. I'm feeling her half a centimeter over Beyonce."

Memphis Bleek recently took shots at Jones on a Tru Life DVD. The Dipset capo would respond to Memphis' attack referring to him as "Ms. Bleek" and poked fun at Jay-Z and Rocawear.

"Ms. Bleek, I hope Jay got you in his will," scoffed Jones. "The Roc has fallen, give it up Bleek. You ain't never had a hit, you were never hot, Hov had to say he got you in his will and all that. You lil' twerp of a man, you ain't even a stand up guy, Ms. Bleek."

"Did you ever go past gold?," Jones questioned. "I'm going gold by myself on Koch. You don't count. What's your next budget like? You can't cant even pay for no producers, you might as well have ol' boy ghostwrite your joint and come out a dud."

"I see Hov swagger jacking ," he continued. "You were wearing three piece suits, now you got skulls and bones on and rocking hoodies. Rocawear is the new Fubu . Nobody want that no more, y'all like Paco over there, we don't want that in the game."

The interview wrapped up with Jones professing his loyalty to Cam'ron and the rest of the Diplomats.

"I've been hearing a lot of 'what's up with you and Cam? You and Cam splitting up?' or 'you and Cam beefing?'" said Jones, "Cam is my brother from a different mother, I mean that literally."

"We've been in situations where we didn't have nothing. $5.50 to get a chicken sandwich and smoke. We've been in each others refrigerators. I love him from the top of his head to the sole of his feet, he can do no wrong in my eyes," he added. "I want you to understand what being loyal is, this is Dipset; Killa Cam the Don, Jim Jones the Capo, Juelz Santana the Prince and Freeky Zeekey the Bishop and we all back like Voltron."

In related news Jones will be joining Young Jeezy, Lil' Wayne and Fat Joe on "The Street Dream Tour" which launches next month. The 21 day trek will also feature Rich Boy and Baby.

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