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Kanye West Tops 50 Cent In First Week Sales Projections

Posted By on September 12, 2007

The plot thickens once again, as early sales projections are reportedly putting Kanye West's Graduation sales slightly ahead of 50 Cent's Curtis first-week numbers.

According to Billboard, executives with three major record labels, whose job duties include projecting first week scans based on early store sales reports, are projecting that Graduation could tally up sales in the 575,000-700,000 range, while Curtis is being projected to come in at the 500,000-600,000 range. While these figures are merely estimates of what each album will sell, the actual finalized sales statistics will be computed on Sunday at midnight when the Nielsen SoundScan week officially ends.

The early sales predictions seem to be in accordance with the data that SOHH collected during a poll which asked fans which artists' album they would buy when they were officially released as well as who they thought would come out on top after first week sales had been finalized.

According to our poll, offered directly after both albums had found their way to the internet, 57% of respondents have heard both albums and 52% believed Kanye will have the higher first-week sales.

In a previous SOHH survey taken last month before the leaks, the fans were also betting on Kanye to pull it out, with 51% of respondents saying that Kanye would outsell 50 Cent in their first week.

The two mega-stars both appeared on BET's "106 And Park" yesterday (September 11) to promote their respective albums. While Kanye won the battle of the surprise guests, bringing Jay-Z out on stage with him after his performance, both premiered new videos – with 50 showing off his clip for his Robin Thicke collaboration "Follow My Lead" and Ye revealing his visual interpretation of his T-Pain collaboration, "The Good Life."

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