No Mobb Deep/ 50 Cent Beef

No Mobb Deep/ 50 Cent Beef

There have been rumors in fierce circulation about mounting tension between 50 Cent and Havoc of Mobb Deep.

The rumors are greatly exaggerated as they don't exist between the G-Unit mogul and the accomplished producer.

The banter is rooted in Havoc's production with artists like Sean "Diddy" Combs, who once had beef with 50 Cent.

According to Storm, the manager for Mobb Deep, relationships between all parties are fine.

"Havoc, Prodigy and 50 Cent have a great relationship," Storm told "Mobb Deep has toured the world this year, are very wealthy and very happy. Both group members just purchased new homes and more cars to add to their collection."

Mobb Deep is about to embark on another tour that carries them from December 3 to the 22nd in the UK.

In January of 2007, the duo and their entourage will tour Australia and Japan. 
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