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Shots were just a warning

Posted By on September 12, 2003

SOHH.com has obtained new exclusive information that the nine shots fired in the Doubletree Hotel parking lot early Tuesday morning were not fired with the intention to hit 50 Cent, but were warning shots fired into the air. Now, authorities want to talk with 50 Cent to determine who in his long list of enemies has sent him this deadly message.

50 Cent was pulling into the Doubletree Club Suites Hotel in Jersey City early Tuesday morning when gunfire rang out in the hotel parking lot. “I heard this sound like ‘plat, tat, plat, tat ‘ but at first I thought it was firecrackers,” said one Jersey City man who was walking his dog nearby. The man, who would only give SOHH.com his first name as ‘Ray’, said he quickly realized it was gunfire. “The first like 6 shots were overlapping like firecrackers but I knew something was wrong when I heard the final few shots straight in a row. I knew and I got out of there.”

Jersey City authorities released a report yesterday that said 50 Cent and several members of his crew were at the center of gunfire. The rapper, whose real name is Curtis Jackson, and several members of his entourage were said to have driven away in several large sport utility vehicles after shots were fired, authorities said. Investigators recovered nine shells in the parking lot of the DoubleTree Hotel, consisting of three from a .45-caliber and six from .40-caliber, police added.

However, new information obtained exclusively by SOHH.com paints a picture that the shots were not aimed to hit 50 or anyone in his crew but were a deadly warning. An employee of the Doubletree Hotel who refused to give his name due to the hotel’s closed-lipped policy, told SOHH.com that the gunshots were fired “into the air” and did not appear to be intended to hit anyone. The gunmen then made their escape via Washington Blvd – a large multi-lane street running parallel to the hotel and a direct route for the assailants to flee New Jersey to the state of New York via the Holland Tunnel. This is apparently the same street used by 50 and his entourage to flee from the scene.

No injuries were reported, according to authorities, but some property damage did occur. Police Chief Ronald Buonocore and Jersey City Police authorities are now asking 50 and his entourage to come forward with information or face a warrant. Calls made by SOHH.com to Shady/Interscope were unanswered, and neither 50 Cent nor his attorney, Robert Kalina of New York could be reached for comment as of yesterday.

Source: SOHH

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