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Afroman Punches Female Fan During Performance

Posted By on February 18, 2015

Rapper Afroman (best known for his hit, ‘Because I Got High‘), was arrested Tuesday night in Biloxi, Mississippi mid performance. Afroman was in the middle of a guitar solo, when a female fan found her way on stage. As soon as the fan started to dance up on the rapper, he wailed on her punching her right in the face.


“The rapper was performing in Biloxi, Mississippi Tuesday night when the woman somehow got on stage and started dancing next to Afroman — and then suddenly, without warning … he turned and landed a right-handed haymaker to her face.

He obliterated the woman … who went down hard — but Afroman kept on performing. Witnesses say she was bleeding and crying, but somehow she managed to get up on her own. 

Cops eventually stopped the show, escorted him off stage, and arrested him outside the venue. He was booked for assault.” (TMZ)

Check out the video below: