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Akon Explains Kovict Past After Being Called Out

Posted By on December 10, 2008

    After the Smoking Gun called out Akon for proving he didn't serve much time for his famous "Konvict" past, Akon has come forward to explain his history. "I got caught up in cars and this and that. Kept going in and out of jail. Three months here, six months there, two weeks here," Akon explained. "And it was to a point where I was like, ‘This really doesn't make any sense. What am I doing?’ And the last stretch I did was six months in Dekalb County (Georgia) after I was pulled over in a stolen car."

    Akon when he talked about his prison time, he was talking about the total of his many short-term stays saying "So I guess when I was being interviewed, and I would say, ‘Yeah I did about three years,’ I wasn't saying I did a three year stretch, I was calculating the time from when I started to get in trouble to the time when I said, ‘Enough is enough.’ And I think that was mistranslated in the Smoking Gun article and other stories."

    In related news, Akon was recently on the Howard Stern show [listen here] where he talked about many things including his criminal past plus his multiple marriages, so make sure you [listen here].