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Akon and his 3 wives get a Reality Show

Posted By on November 30, 2006

Ever since the release of the hit series Being Bobby Brown, everyone has been trying to get their own reality show. MediaTakeOut.com has learned that the latest to enter the reality show frenzy is hip hop star Akon.

But Akon's reality show has an interesting twist. You see, Akon, who is originally from Senegal Africa, is a practicing polygamist.

The show, which is currently in pre-production, is set to feature all three of Akon's wives – living under one roof. A person close to the production tells MediaTakeOut.com, "this is going to be the strangest reality show ever … the way Akon manages his 'situation' is nothing short of incredible." Our source adds, "since Akon is on tour most of the time, the show is going to spend a lot of time featuring the wives."

And according to our source, the show is set to have some explosive moments. The insider explained, "only one of the wives is [a native of Africa], the other two are American … and that seems to cause a lot of tension in the house."

But while the series may be a ratings bonanza for Akon, it may expose the African rapper to criminal liability. MediaTakeOut.com's legal expert Notoya Green explains, "it is a crime in this country to have more than one wife … Akon needs to be very careful that he doesn't incriminate himself on national television."

Representatives for Akon have refused to comment.